20th Century Libraries the Past and the Future
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Talk presented by Robert Drake of the Twentieth Century Society for the CIIG Conference 2018






ICE 200


Celebrating 200 years of civil engineering achievement 


To celebrate ICE is running a year of events and activities that show how civil engineering has for over 200 years transformed the way we live. As well as highlighting the exciting range of careers that civil engineering offers.

Invisible Superheroes


Invisible Superheroes is an exhibition for a year at One Great George Street, focusing on the unsung heroes behind some of the world's most amazing engineering projects.

Using state-of-the-art technology the exhibition brings to life the best examples of civil engineering. The unique comic book style is there to inspire the next generation of engineers so that they can see that civil engineering is also about creativity, clever ideas and fun.


200 Projects and People


Civil engineers have been a force for change and transformation. See how they have changed the world built around us for over 200 years.

Throughout 2018 the ICE is collating stand-out engineering projects from the past two centuries, online. Starting with these:


  • Elan Valley Water Supply - Provide clean water for Birmingham by collecting water from the Welsh hills
  • Birmingham International Convention Centre and Symphony Hall
  • Cathedral Church St Michael (Coventry Cathedral)
  • Belfast cross-harbour road and rail bridges
  • Forth crossings


Pitch 200


Could you explain a civil engineering concept or project in just 200 seconds?

Are you a civil engineer with a passion for what you do? Have you worked on an exciting project that you're bursting to tell someone about? Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge to a wider audience?

If so then Pitch 200 is for you - our new competition to find the person who can best demonstrate a civil engineering related concept or project in a 200 second presentation.


Explore Engineering


Explore engineering is your chance to discover civil engineering in your area.

The ICE is putting together a series of walks, tours and trails, guided by experts, allowing you to understand how civil engineers have transformed our environment.


Café 200


Café 200 is a series of talks to coffee morning groups explaining how civil engineers transform lives.

Volunteers are needed to speak to the public about their civil engineering experiences, the projects they've worked on (or are working on) and how we help change people's lives.


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