To facilitate the aims of CIIG there is a regular programme of meetings and visits and an occasional one day conference. These all enable members to discuss issues and problems with each other and to learn about new developments in construction information. We also arrange events which look at the construction industry more generally or, at the other extreme, look at particular buildings or sites.
Over the past few years CIIG has organised presentations on the Olympic stadium, the Wimbledon ‘roof’ and on 20thcentury library buildings and we have also had a talk from Max Fordham on his engineering philosophy. On the more technical side we have looked at the use of Social Networking in the provision of information and how the Freedom of Information Act might affect our members’ organisations.
At the AGM 2016 Andrea Beddard of Arup gave an extremely interesting talk entitled:
“Preserving, enhancing and building a firm’s reputation: The Library in Arup”.
Currently we are taking a special interest in BIM and have organised sessions on this. CIIG also likes to encourage social activities. Members gather each January for a meal and a number of the monthly gatherings (which may have a particular focus) are held in local hostelries. CIIG tries to keep a wide outlook. Our view is that anything that affects the construction industry affects our members and so is a valid topic for presentation and discussion.





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